Rollin' the pollin'

It's that time again! Our last poll, on PC processors, showed some surprising results. The AMD Athlon came out on top, garnering nearly a quarter (24%) of the votes. So it looks like we're stacked on Athlon users. More shocking, however, is the stunning resurgence of our second-place finisher, the ColecoVision (21%). I suppose most of you ColecoVision owners are actually using Coleco Adams with keyboards and the like, so it's easier to surf the web. A disturbing thought. How long does it take to load Netscape from cassette, anyhow?

Closely behind our leaders came the best two flavors of the Intel P6 core, the Pentium III (18%) and Celeron (16%). Well behind those two came the "Pentium II/Pentium Pro" and the K6 series, tied at 8% each. A few stragglers (1%) still own Pentiums, while four rich kids with Xeons took time to vote, just to provide a contrast. And already, ten folks have AMD Durons—or so they claim.

A strong showing from AMD, but note, also, that in one form or another, Intel's P6 core got 46% of the vote. That's a pretty impressive chunk of the pie—especially in the face of the ColecoVision juggernaut.

In honor of the ColecoVision's resurgence, polls are the subject of our new poll topic, which is.....

Should we include a goofy option in our poll choices?
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Make your voice known. The outcome of this one will determine how TR's polls look in the future.
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