Core 2 Extreme benchmarked

ExtremeTech got its hands on a pair of demo Core 2 Extreme systems during a meeting with Intel. Yesterday, we were told by Intel that the Core 2 Extreme will launch at 2.93 GHz before being followed by a 3.2 GHz version towards the end of the year. ExtremeTech got to benchmark Core 2 Extreme chips running at both speeds, although the 3.2 GHz version was in fact an overclocked 2.93 GHz part. Nonetheless, ExtremeTech matched results from the two chips with numbers obtained from one of AMD's latest Socket AM2 Athlon 64 FX-62 processors. Tests were only run in POV-Ray and PCMark 2005—which includes multi-threading, memory, audio encoding, and data compression tests—but the Core 2 Extremes consistently trounced the Athlon 64 FX.

In addition to the benchmarks, ExtremeTech also heard directly from Intel Desktop Product Marketing Director David Tuhy that the Core 2 Extreme and mainstream Core 2 Duo processors will all have a 1066 MHz front side bus. Tuhy also told ExtremeTech that the top Core 2 Duo will be clocked at 2.66 GHz, and that some of the cheaper Core 2 Duos will have 2 MB of cache instead of 4 MB. This information confirms a Core 2 roadmap posted by HKEPC last week, which listed $183-999 prices for the desktop Core 2 line.

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