Will AMD build a new fab in New York?

Times Union reports that New York state officials are attempting to persuade AMD to build a new fab in the Luther Forest Technology Park in Malta and Stillwater, NY. The officials are said to be preparing a "$1 billion package of incentives" that would lure AMD into building a $3.5 billion, 650-acre fab in the park. Such incentives would include road, water, and sewer improvements, in addition to "some modifications to the state Empire Zone program." According to NY-based economic development agency Empire State Development, Empire Zones are areas that provide "significant tax credits and benefits" to certified businesses. Both AMD and government officials remained mute when quizzed about the possibility of a new AMD fab in the area.

Setting aside the secrecy, this report may indicate that AMD plans to build yet another fab in the near future. The company announced a $2.5 billion upgrade plan for its existing fabs in Dresden, Germany last month, and a partnership with Chartered Semiconductor is expected to result in added production capacity for AMD this summer. Nonetheless, AMD's growth ambitions may require further production increases in the future. Times Union says a new fab in New York would take two to three years to build, which would result in AMD's capacity being bumped up by the end of this decade. Thanks to The Inquirer for the tip.

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