Adobe wants PDF out of Office 2007 reports that Adobe is pressuring Microsoft to remove write support for PDF as well as the XML Paper Specification (XPS) format—Microsoft's "PDF killer"—from the next version of Microsoft Office. Adobe says XPS and PDF writing support should either be provided for an additional fee or be removed altogether, whereas Microsoft wants to integrate these features in Office 2007 for free. An overseer for Microsoft's antitrust cases told CNET the ability to save documents to PDF was the second most popular request Microsoft received from its customers, adding that competing applications such as OpenOffice, WordPerfect Office, and Apple's Pages all have PDF write support. However, Adobe appears to be playing on the European Commission's antitrust grievances with Microsoft and has threatened Microsoft with legal action in Europe.

As a result of failed negotiations with Adobe, CNET says Microsoft has made a number of changes to both Office 2007 and Windows Vista in order to anticipate a potential legal injunction that could push back their release dates. Microsoft will reportedly force users to download a separate patch to get PDF and XPS support in Office, and computer makers will be allowed to trim Vista's XPS support in order to avoid direct competition with Adobe.

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