ECS readies introduction of Core 2 Duo boards

The Computex trade show doesn't start until tomorrow, but ECS has gotten a head start by announcing a new line of Core 2 Duo-ready motherboards based on Intel's 965 and 946 chipsets. The boards, dubbed PX1, P965T-A, G965T-M, P946PLT-A, and 946GZT-M, will all be introduced at the show later this week. ECS doesn't reveal much about their specifications, but the company does nonetheless boast about the features in its flagship PX1. Powered by Intel's P965 chipset and ICH8-DH south bridge, the PX1 will have support for memory speeds up to 800 MHz—from the Core 2 Duo's expected 667 MHz default—and memory capacities up to 8 GB. It will also feature dual PCI Express graphics slots, an overclocker-friendly BIOS, passive heat pipe-based chipset cooling, and Intel Viiv support.

Fewer details are available about the other offerings, but ECS says the P965T-A will support up to eight Serial ATA drives. The G965T-M will also feature Clear Video Technology video processing features, its model number suggesting a G965 chipset with DirectX 9.0- and Shader Model 3.0-compliant integrated graphics. Finally, the P46PLT-A and 946GZT-M boards will supposedly offer a "seamless CPU upgrade [to the Core 2 Duo] while maintaining support for IDE devices to protect the users’ storage investments." ECS says these boards have ICH7 south bridge chips, so perhaps the company means they will have an extra IDE port over the ICH8-based offerings.

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