Samsung to ship cheaper, AMD-based UMPC

The Korea Times says Samsung has struck a deal with AMD in order to lower the price of its Q1 Ultra-Mobile PC. The Q1 launched last month with an Intel Celeron M processor, but the machine is still priced at a hefty $1,099.99. At that price, the Q1 competes against full-featured laptops, which makes it unappealing to some users considering its lack of keyboard and 3.5-hour rated battery life. According to The Korea Times, subsidies from Korea Telecom in conjunction with the switch to AMD processors can make the Q1 drop from its Korean price of 1.2 million won ($1,267) to the equivalent of $739 or below—a whopping 41.6% cut. The Q1 could go down from $1,099.99 to just $642 if the same plunge occurred in the U.S., although it's not clear what kind of drop—if any—users outside South Korea can expect. Nonetheless, the new AMD-powered Samsung Q1 is expected to ship this fall, the Korea Times says. Thanks to Reg Hardware for the tip.
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