Toshiba notebook hard drive hits 200 GB

Toshiba has announced a new 2.5" notebook hard drive that sports a 200 GB capacity. The drive uses perpendicular recording technology and offers "the highest [data] density yet of any such component" according to Toshiba. The company says its new drive crams a whopping 178.8 gigabits (22.35 GB) of storage space per square inch—that's about 47 gigabits (5.85 GB) per square inch higher than Seagate's 160 GB Momentus 5400.3, which was the first 2.5" hard drive to incorporate perpendicular recording technology when it was introduced in January. Production for the new 200 GB Toshiba drive is scheduled to begin in August, but there is no word yet on a ship date. Fujitsu may therefore end up putting a damper on Toshiba's release party, since it is also expected to introduce a 200 GB 2.5" offering some time in the third quarter.
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