AMD's Socket F Opterons delayed?

On the eve of Computex, The Inquirer has received word in the trade show's host city of Taipei that AMD's Socket F Opterons have been delayed until August. The new chips, which will bring 1,207-pin land grid array-style sockets and DDR2 memory support to AMD's workstation and server line, were previously expected on July 11. However, The Inq says they now won't show up until "at least a month" later than anticipated, adding that even this new time frame is "by no means firm" and could slip even further. When asked about reasons for the delay, several motherboard vendors assured The Inquirer that they were not responsible for the setback and that their Socket F products were ready now.

If these reports are genuine, AMD's new Opterons could show up over two months later than Intel's Core-based "Woodcrest" Xeons, which are reportedly due out in just two weeks. Based on our first-hand look at Woodcrest, this rumored setback could take the performance crown away from AMD for much of the summer. Of course, it isn't even clear how big a performance boost Socket F Opterons will bring over their Socket 940 counterparts in the first place.

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