Corsair demos new memory cooler at Computex

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Computex has kicked off in earnest, and in our first meeting of the day, we happened upon an unnamed memory cooler from Corsair. The cooler isn't quite ready for retail, but it looks pretty slick, and was helping a pair of DDR2 DIMMs cruise along at 612 MHz—an effective 1224 MHz thanks to DDR's clock doubling properties—with 5-5-5-15 timings.

Corsair says the cooler's fans will plug into a single three-pin fan connector, allowing the unit to cooperate with motherboard-based fan speed control schemes. The cooler is much more than just a snap on accessory for existing DIMMs, though.

To ensure more effective cooling, Corsair has extended the DIMM's PCB and connected heat spreaders directly to the ground plane. This limits the cooler's compatibility with existing modules, of course, but it should pay performance dividends.
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