Zalman redesigns Reserator

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — We're big fans of Zalman's passive Reserator water cooler, so we were pleased to see a new version on display at Computex. The Reserator 2 is a radical redesign that ditches the phallic reservoir of old in favor of a smaller unit that Zalman says actually performs better than the original.

While the original Reserator relies on a massive, single reservoir, the Reserator 2 channels coolant through five compartments, cooling it progressively with each step. According to Zalman, the Reserator 2's reservoir also boasts more surface area than that of the original, allowing for a 7-10 degree drop in temperature. Some of that temperature drop may come courtesy of redesigned CPU and GPU water blocks, both of which will ship with the Reserator 2.
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