Socket cooler comparo at the OCP

The cold, HardOCP has added a '|' to its name, so now it's the cold, Hard|OCP. I don't have a clue how to pronounce '|', either. It's like Prince; the site formerly known as the HardOCP. First 3Dfx becomes 3dfx, and now this. I can barely keep up.

Anyhow, I do know that Kyle has spent quite a bit of time on this comparison of CPU heatsink/fan combos for the new socketed Intel and AMD number crunchers. He's even got little graphs showing how well the things actually do their jobs. Here's how Kyle explains it:

The CPU temp is monitored every 5 seconds and recorded. The RED hump you see is where the fan was cut off to get the HSF hot. The BLUE line represents the 150ºF mark. We then let the HSF run and the proggy take the readings so you see two things. The YELLOW line shows you: 1. How fast the HSF got the temperature down and; 2. Where it will keep the CPU temperature while under a load. The temp in the box is the current temp when we took the screen shot.
All of the HSF combos included seriously whupped the stock Intel cooler, by the way.
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