ECS shows off GeForce graphics cards

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — ECS had a full line of NVIDIA-based graphics cards on display at its Computex booth, including a high-end GeForce 7950 GX2. The cards will only be available in Asia to start, although if all goes well, ECS graphics cards should arrive in North America towards the end of the year.

Instead of simply restickering NVIDIA's reference designs, ECS has designed new coolers for much of its GeForce line. The most interesting card is easily the company's GeForce 7900 GT, which packs an apparently quiet Zalman-esque cooler alongside 512 MB of memory—twice what's available on a standard GeForce 7900 GT. Clock speeds haven't been adjusted from NVIDIA's defaults, but with a quiet cooler and extra memory, ECS's 7900 GT definitely has unique appeal. Let's hope it hits North American markets sooner rather than later, and that ECS's will to deviate from reference graphics card designs extends beyond this particular product.
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