Conroe to show up in notebooks

DigiTimes reports that some Taiwanese notebook manufacturers are planning to put Conroe processors in their upcoming laptops. While Merom—the notebook flavor of the Core 2 Duo—is expected to have a 35 W thermal envelope, Conroe will be rated for 65 W. However, DigiTimes says notebook manufacturers will be able to save over $50 per chip by going with Conroe instead of Merom in some notebooks. The site says a Merom processor clocked at 2.0 GHz will cost $294, while a 2.13 GHz Conroe will be just $224. On the high end, a 2.33 GHz Merom will cost $637, the site claims, while a 2.67 GHz Conroe will be $530. In addition, DigiTimes quotes sources at the notebook manufacturers as saying Conroe may help boost notebook demand in the latter half of the year.
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