Thermaltake touts 1200 W power supply

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Thermaltake's Computex showcase was loaded with interesting goodies, including funky water coolers, crazy cases, and a wide range of power supplies. PSUs are typically less flashy than other PC components, but Thermaltake had a number of interesting designs on display, including ones that utilized passive and water cooling. The company was also showing off its Toughpower line, which is available in 700, 750, 850, 1000, and 1200 W flavors.

The 1200 W Toughpower is ATX 2.2 and EPS 12V-compliant, and features a monster 140 mm cooling fan that should keep noise levels reasonable. Of course, if you have enough hardware in your system to require 1200 W of power, noise levels probably aren't your primary concern.
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