Tyan clusters Opterons, Woodcrest in Typhoon PSC

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — One of the most unique products we've seen at this year's Computex show has been Tyan's Typhoon Personal Supercomputer. The Typhoon is capable of clustering up to eight Intel "Woodcrest" Xeon LV or AMD Opteron HE processors in a single enclosure that measures 14" x 12.6" x 26.7". Power consumption for the unit is apparently lower than 1400 W, allowing the Typhoon to use a standard AC wall outlet. Noise levels are also promised to be below 45 dB.

1400 W and 45 dB is hardly notable for even a high-end desktop system, but when you consider the processing power of an eight-socket cluster populated with dual-core processors, it's pretty impressive. Tyan expects the Typhoon to be a popular solution for engineering and scientific computing applications, but also sees potential in the business world. For those craving a little more power, multiple Typhoons can also be daisy-chained together to create a larger cluster. Opteron-based Typhoon systems should be available this summer, followed by Woodcrest-powered units in the fall.
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