AMD-ATI merger considered 'likely' by Intel?

TweakTown says word is circulating around Computex that a potential merger between AMD and ATI is considered "very likely, even inevitable" by none other than Intel. The idea of a merger was already mentioned in a Forbes article last week, which said AMD was likely to purchase ATI, and Intel is now said to be giving serious thought to the possibility.
From a trusted and reliable anonymous source, today we learned that Intel are talking behind closed doors about the real possibility of an AMD and ATI merger, with some seriousness, and discussing what it could mean for their future business and bottom line.
According to TweakTown, an AMD-ATI merger would be "very logical." The site says the resulting combined company would be able to produce not only good processors and graphics cards but also good chipsets, thereby raising the heat against both Intel and NVIDIA. For instance, TweakTown claims NVIDIA's chipset business could be hurt if a single AMD/ATI entity were to cut support for third-party chipset manufacturers.
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