ATI shows off RS600 IGP chipset for Intel

HKEPC has the scoop on a new ATI integrated graphics chipset that has been showcased at Computex. The RS600 supports Core 2 Duo processors, DDR2 and DDR3 memory, and its graphics subsystem reportedly features a new graphics core twice as fast as the older Radeon Xpress 200. Support for Avivo—ATI's video processing engine—is also said to be included, along with support for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection, which should enable high-definition playback of encrypted Blu-ray and HD-DVD media. HKEPC says the RS600 chipset could support an HDMI output in the future, as well. ATI is expected to make the RS600 available between July and August, right in time for the expected desktop Core 2 Duo launch.

In addition to the RS600, DigiTimes reports that ATI also displayed a couple of other new Intel chipsets at Computex—the RD600 and RD500. Not much is said about the RD500, but HKEPC posted some slides concerning the RD600 last week. The slides revealed features like automatic PCI Express overclocking, support for front side bus speeds up to 1,500 MHz, and triple PCI-E x16 slots. The latter will likely come in handy for ATI's GPU-based physics implementation, which can harness the power of three Radeon X1000-series graphics cards to handle graphics and physics in a 2:1 configuration.

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