NVIDIA's new control panel examined

AnandTech has taken a thorough look at NVIDIA's new Vista-inspired ForceWare control panel. The control panel will appear in upcoming ForceWare Release 90 drivers, and it can already be seen in the 91.31 beta ForceWare drivers available on NVIDIA's nZone website. Users familiar with ATI's Catalyst Control Center will find similar features in NVIDIA's new application, such as a small integrated 3D scene used to test out image quality settings. NVIDIA also added some original features, including a new option to log GPU temperature from system startup onwards—a potentially useful feature for overclocking and miscellaneous troubleshooting.

Despite the apparent similarity with ATI's Catalyst Control Center, AnandTech says the new NVIDIA software is much speedier. The site says NVIDIA's control panel doesn't suffer from long loadup times or lag after clicking buttons, unlike its counterpart from the red team. Nonetheless, if users are dissatisfied, NVIDIA leaves the option to switch to the old control panel. There's no telling whether this feature will remain in the future, however, as ATI gave users the same choice before ditching its old control panel in favor of the Catalyst Control Center.

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