NVIDIA clears the air

The recent flap over NVIDIA's various alleged sins in dealing with online publications took a turn for the better today, as NVIDIA admitted some mistakes and tried to clear the air. Check out this interview with NVIDIA's Derek Perez over at Hypothermia. Hypothermia is the site that posted a contract offered to them by NVIDIA in response for a quest for review hardware—a cross-promotional contract that looked totally inappropriate to me. Here's a clip from the Q&A on that subject:
1.) How did a person like me, with a site like mine actually end up getting a "contract" or document like the one I had received from NVIDIA?:

It is unfortunate - but you don't always know who you are dealing with. Here at NVIDIA we have over 60 people in marketing and unfortunately, someone who thought he was doing the correct thing was not. The contract that is on Hypothermia (sp?) is a document that we use for corporate to corporate promotions.

Derek lays blame for the incident at the feet of "a non-NVIDIA employee (intern, contractor, etc…)". And it appears the head NVhonchos aren't going to let this kind of thing happen again:
For here on out all online promotions will be run through the PR department and voted on by a panel of marketing executives within NVIDIA.
I'm pleased to see NVIDIA answering questions about this one. The other allegations about NVIDIA flying about in recent weeks just weren't as damning as these were, in my book.

I kinda get the feeling some heads may have rolled for this one. They may have been little, pointy, intern/contractor heads, but still..

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