Intel's Tulsa coming in Q3, Woodcrest on June 26

The Register has received word that the release of Intel's Tulsa server processor has been pulled forward from the fourth quarter to the third quarter. We already had a quick peek at Tulsa in our Woodcrest processor preview. Unlike Woodcrest, Tulsa won't be built off Intel's new Core microarchiecture—it'll instead be based on the company's Netburst architecture that's currently used in Pentium D and Pentium 4 chips. However, Tulsa will up the ante with a massive 16 MB L3 cache shared between each of its two cores. This extra cache will make for a cyclopean die size and a maximum thermal design power of 150 W, but The Register says the chip will be up to twice as fast as current Netburst-based Xeons.

In addition to Tulsa, The Register also says Intel has revealed launch information about Woodcrest. The Core-based Xeon flavor is due to ship on June 26, the site quotes Intel as saying, a week later than some previous rumors suggested.

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