eBay readies Skype integration

Reuters reports that eBay is planning to make an announcement regarding Skype's voice-over-IP (VOIP) software this week. John Donahoe, president of eBay's Marketplace unit, said the announcement would take place on Tuesday. According to a Newsweek article quoted by Reuters, eBay may be about to start integrating Skype into its auction service:
Newsweek magazine reported on Sunday that the company plans to encourage eBay sellers to embed Skype calling links into auction pages in a few product categories, including cars, real estate and diamond solitaire rings.
Skype was acquired by eBay last year, and according to Newsweek, integration of this type was one of the major selling points of the deal. It looks like eBay won't be content with integration in auctions alone, either; the online auction company partnered up with Yahoo last month, and Skype is one of the elements expected to be part of upcoming joint efforts between eBay and Yahoo. Reportedly, Skype's VOIP software will be promoted as a means to get customers in touch with both local merchants and advertisers on Yahoo's network.
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