Sony, Pioneer Blu-ray drives delayed

After multiple delays forced a June 25 release date for the first Blu-ray drives and discs, it looks like Sony and Pioneer Blu-ray drives won't show up for the party until over a month and a half after the launch. reports that the Pioneer BDP-HD1's release has been pushed back from June all the way to September. This delay will drop its price by $300 to $1,500. Meanwhile, Sony's BDP-S1 will slip from an expected July release to August 15, still at $1,000. This price tag is the same as that of Samsung's BD-P1000, which will be the first Blu-ray drive on the market for the June 25 launch—and, it looks like, the only one around until the back-to-school season. When asked to justify the delay, Pioneer told that it wants to ensure "everything works well relative to all the various studios that are planning to ship BD titles."
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