Will NVIDIA strike back at ATI's physics?

French site PC INpact reports that NVIDIA may have a retort (translate here) to ATI's "boundless gaming" physics. ATI unveiled its GPU-based physics solution at Computex last week, and it appeared to one-up NVIDIA by enabling not two but three graphics cards in a physics-accelerated setup. In ATI's "boundless gaming" configurations, two graphics cards in CrossFire mode take care of graphics, while a third card handles physics.

PC INpact claims NVIDIA is readying an identical implementation, pointing to a small number of boards powered by NVIDIA's nForce 590 SLI chipset that have three PCI Express x16 slots. The site doesn't reveal any evidence beyond the existence of those boards, but it nonetheless claims the third PCI-E x16 slot is attached to eight PCI Express lanes and will be able to take any supporting NVIDIA graphics card for physics acceleration. It's hard to judge the accuracy of this claim considering the few facts presented, but it would certainly be interesting if NVIDIA were able to duplicate ATI's implementation on current-generation hardware.

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