Yahoo Mail gets hit by worm

A new worm is spreading via Yahoo's online email service, according to a report by Reuters. Dubbed JS.Yamanner@m, the worm appears to users in the form of an email with the subject line, "New Graphic Site," and infects host machines as soon as the message is opened. Once installed, the worm spreads via entries in the affected user's Yahoo Mail address book that end in or

A PC World report posted by Yahoo says the worm harnesses a JavaScript vulnerability in web browsers, but doesn't the report specify which browsers are vulnerable. Nonetheless, Yahoo Mail users are advised to block email coming from "" and update their antivirus and firewall software. In addition, Syamantec's security report advises that the latest Beta version of Yahoo Mail isn't vulnerable to the worm. Unfortunately, the Yahoo Mail Beta is currently closed off, and the signup page says users can expect invitations "just a few weeks" after signing up.

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