Dell to offer more AMD chips than claimed?

The Inquirer says it has word that Dell will end up offering more AMD-powered machines than expected. Last month, the computer manufacturer announced that it would begin to sell four-way servers powered by AMD processors by the end of the year. However, The Inquirer now says it has confirmation from "sources all over Taiwan" that Dell will offer AMD processors outside of quad-chip servers. The Inquirer's sources are said to have remained mute regarding exact product lines, but the site says "[Dell has] to order parts some time, and there are no secrets in Taiwan."

Considering that Dell effectively sells AMD-powered gaming systems already via Alienware, one could certainly see Dell eventually selling AMD chips in some of its high-powered XPS gaming desktops. Either way, The Inquirer says to expect another major announcement from Dell "as soon as Wall Street needs to have a shiny thing dangled in front of them as a distraction."

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