HIS readies AGP/PCI-E hybrid video card

HKEPC has caught a sneak peek at one of HIS's latest efforts, an ATI Radeon X1600 Pro graphics card that supports both PCI Express and AGP connectivity on the same board. The card sports an AGP connector on its bottom edge and a PCI-E x16 connector on top, and it has brackets with DVI outputs on either side. To switch to a different interface, the card can simply be rotated 180 degrees—HKEPC says it will automatically detect which interface to use.

Aside from this dual-connectivity feature, the HIS card has a 500 MHz Radeon X1600 Pro GPU, 256 MB of 800 MHz DDR2 RAM, dual DVI outputs, and CrossFire support. The X1600 Pro GPU is unlikely to hit any speed records considering how its big brother, the X1600 XT, has performed in our testing. However, the card does look like it would present an interesting opportunity to casual gamers wishing to make the transition from AGP to PCI Express without having to purchase two graphics cards. HKEPC doesn't quote a price or a release date, though, so it's not clear how good an option this card may be, even for such users.

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