HKEPC investigates nForce 500-series SLI modding

HKEPC has taken a look (in Chinese, translate here) at the feasibility of modifying nForce 500-series motherboards to enable and disable SLI support. NVIDIA only supports SLI in nForce 590 SLI and nForce 570 SLI chipsets, but HKEPC contends SLI support can be enabled on cheaper flavors of the nForce 500 series. The site starts off by testing out a peculiar motherboard from a manufacturer dubbed Magic-Pro. The board claims to offer SLI support even though it uses NVIDIA's low-end nForce 550 chipset. Tests show that SLI can be enabled in NVIDIA's drivers, and HKEPC attributes this to the lack of a resistor apparently responsible for disabling SLI support on regular nForce 550 and nForce 570 boards.

HKEPC goes on to some slightly more complicated meddling with MSI's nForce 570-based K9N Platinum. Some testing and a lot of soldering later, the site has a fully operational SLI mod in place. Tests show performance similar to "native" SLI-enabled motherboards, as well. That said, HKEPC does warn that the days of simple pencil-modding to enable SLI support—as was done on early revisions of nForce4 Ultra-based boards—are over.

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