eBay prepares 'Skype me' feature for auctions

As predicted, eBay has announced the integration of Skype into its online auction service. Yahoo News says eBay will kick off a trial initiative on June 19 that will add a "Skype Me" button to auction pages in 14 different categories. The button will enable eBay users to contact sellers instantly by both voice and text.

eBay says this move will follow its strategy of integrating its acquisitions into its auction service, much like what happened to PayPal after it was bought by eBay in October 2002. Throwing Skype into the mix will complete eBay's so-called "Power of Three" strategy, combining what it boasts are the number-one e-commerce, online payment, and voice-over-IP services. The combination of the three services can "make even greater things happen," eBay says, such as helping smooth out difficult transactions by improving communication between buyer and seller.

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