NVIDIA readies new IGP chipsets

Some new core-logic chipsets with integrated graphics are coming from NVIDIA, according to motherboard makers who routinely leak like a sieve to HKEPC. These sources say the green team is prepping a pair of new GeForce 6100-series products.

The first of those will be called the GeForce 6150LE, and it looks to be nothing more than a GeForce 6150 with a slower 425MHz GPU clock, 50MHz less than the non-LE version. The LE is already in production, they say, and should be "available very soon."

The second bit of core logic, code-named MCP61S, is a very different animal. This solution will drop a few bits of functionality, such as the high-def PureVideo video processing engine and eight of its 16 PCI-E for graphics lanes. In return, the MCP61S will cram all of its remaining capabilities into a single chip, which should be cheaper to produce and implement. This MCP61S is slated to supplant the GeForce 6100 when it arrives in the third quarter, say the mobo moles.

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