AMD-powered Dell desktops due in September?

We've already heard some rumors from The Inquirer about Dell planning to expand its future AMD lineup, and it's now eWEEK's turn to chime in with some similar info. eWEEK's report is based on sources akin to The Inquirer's—"PC component makers in Asia"—but it's relayed by analysts working for financial conglomerate Citigroup. Where The Inq's report left a lot to the imagination, the analysts don't mince words; they say their sources lead them to believe Dell will introduce an AMD-based desktop computer as early as September, although they haven't gotten wind of any specifications yet.

Unsurprisingly, Dell refused to comment on these reports. However, eWEEK points to a previous statement by AMD VP Marty Seyer as a possible official hint of a deeper relationship between AMD and Dell. Seyer said, "I have yet to see a partnership we have in which that one entry point doesn't expand into multiple products." That statement makes sense, but September would certainly be an odd time for Dell to introduce AMD desktops into its lineup, since Intel plans to launch its Core 2 desktop chips in July. One of the analysts suggests Dell might offer AMD chips on the low end, though, a segment where Intel may still be offering Netburst-based chips after the Core 2 launch.

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