Itanium, Viiv spared from Intel's spring cleaning

Sources in "high places at Intel" have told The Inquirer that the company's recently-announced spring cleaning initiative won't affect the Itanium and Viiv groups. Intel launched the cleaning initiative in late April, claiming it would carefully review its non-performing business units in order to curb worsening financial results. The move resulted in a streamlining of Intel's NOR flash unit, and rumors have suggested that Intel also plans to sell some of its communications units and lay off 16,000 employees as a continuation of the reorganization efforts.

The Itanium and Viiv units—some of Intel's less successful ventures—are believed by some to be next up on the chopping block. However, this new report suggests Intel will have none of that. "To make matters worse, our sources say both programs were exempted from the 'we will look at everything' scrutiny that the rest of 'everything' was subjected to," The Inquirer says.

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