VIA C7 makes its way into Socket 479

Some VIA C7 processors built into the same 479-pin package as Intel's mobile chips have popped up in Japan. The chips were spotted in a Tokyo store (in Japanese, translate here) by the guys over at AKIBA PC Hotline!, who also managed to snap a number of photos. Their shots compare the C7 with Intel's Pentium M—the Intel chip's die is at least a couple of times bigger than the C7's—and reveal some interesting CPU-Z listings.

CPU-Z shots identify the Socket 479 C7 as a 1.5 GHz ultra-low voltage variant with a 0.983 V core voltage, 400 MHz effective front-side bus (100 MHz quad-pumped), and 128 KB of L2 cache. It looks like the chip was running on a motherboard with an Intel i915GMS or i910GML chipset and 1024 MB of dual-channel DDR2 RAM, as well. The chipset listing suggests compatibility with current Intel hardware, but the store showcasing the chips did complain about compatibility problems. Going by the automated translation, existing Socket 479 boards without a compatible BIOS are happy to boot with the C7, but they refuse to load the operating system.

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