We could use a Conroe

Well, every hardware site from here to Dubai has had its mitts on an Intel Conroe processor for testing, but no, not us. We did get to test a Conroe briefly at IDF, but we haven't seen one since, and waiting on Intel to supply us one for review has proven to be a total loser of a strategy. By the time we get our review out, we might as well be writing about a 486. We don't have our tentacles into a broad network of folks who enjoy leaking pre-release hardware to the press, simply because that hasn't been a big part of our M.O. historically. But we would like to get a Conroe to test immediately.

So... I sit here ready and willing to do a full TR-style workup of a Conroe processor—or, heck, the entire lineup of processors—as soon as possible. All I need is a chip. If you have one and would be willing to loan it to us for a few days, please drop me a line so we can make arrangements. Of course, we will keep all sources strictly confidential and return the processor(s) to you as soon as our testing is complete. Unless you don't want confidentiality, in which case we will erect a small online shrine to you, complete with animated GIFs.

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