Amazon opens online grocery store

While Netscape is trying to put its past behind it and break new ground, Amazon's latest move comes straight out of the book of bygone dot-com bubble era ideas. Shoppers are now able to purchase groceries from, right next to the site's already impressive array of books, movies, TVs, computers, and various other products. The new grocery store offers only non-perishable items, but there's quite a selection already; everything from cereal, canned soup, and Kraft dinners to toothpaste, diapers, and laundry detergent is available. Amazon has no local restrictions on shipping, either.

Offering groceries on the Internet has proven to be a risky business venture, but Ars Technica contends Amazon can succeed where a number of dot-com startups failed years ago. Companies like Webvan had to do everything from scratch, while all Amazon needs to do is secure warehouse space for a few thousand new products and voila—no need to refrigerate anything, and shipping is handled the same manner as other items. "It looks like Amazon is going about [this move] exactly the right way," Ars believes.

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