ATI's 80 nm production on track

Once again, ATI has publicly stated that its transition schedule to 80 nm process technology is on track. The company already denied rumors of possible 80 nm delays back in April, when DigiTimes reported that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (a.k.a. TSMC) was running into yield problems with 80 nm production. ATI Marketing Director Edward Chou now gives an estimated September release timeframe for the first 80 nm ATI parts. In addition, Chou says ATI will switch to a 65 nm process as early as next year.

ATI's first 80 nm graphics processors are still expected to appear in the mainstream sector first, and DigiTimes' graphics card manufacturer moles quote the same RV570, RV560, RV516, and RV505 code names that have been floating around for the past couple of months. If a previous report by X-bit labs is to be believed, the RV570 will go in a so-called Radeon X1900 GTO, while the RV560 will appear in a new Radeon X1700 line. As for the RV516 and RV505, they'll show up in ATI's budget lineup—the RV516 will supposedly correspond to a refreshed Radeon X1300, but no product name is known for the RV505.

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