Socket F Opterons pushed back three weeks

Both DigiTimes and DailyTech have word that AMD's Socket F Opterons have been pushed back from their July 11 release date to August 1. DailyTech got its tip from distributors in the U.S., while DigiTimes quotes its usual sources at Taiwanese hardware makers—all say the postponement is official. AMD refused to confirm anything when quizzed by DigiTimes, though, rightfully saying a launch date for the chips has never been officially announced.

Interestingly, one of DailyTech's sources links the upcoming Socket F Opteron launch with AMD's sudden cancellation of Socket AM2 Athlon 64 X2 processors with 1 MB of cache per core. The source says, "It's obvious, AMD is consolidating their 2MB parts for the Opteron and FX lines. Removing half of the Athlon SKUs is a logistic nightmare, but they are definitely doing it to keep Opteron quantities up for the OEMs." This reasoning makes sense, especially since Socket AM2 Athlons and upcoming Socket F Opterons are all based on the same Rev. F K8 core.

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