Napster nixed? Nope

Ah, the joys of alliteration. Let's see; Damage told me to look at the Drudge Report which pointed me to this Washington Post story which is reporting that Napster has won their appeal. That means that the millions of ravenous Napster users can ease up; the service no longer has to shut everything down by midnight tonight.

Part of me was curious to see what effects the shutdown would have; as I mentioned in my earlier story about the shutdown injunction, I wondered what the shutdown would do to the usage levels of Gnutella and other alternative file-swapping programs. I was also kinda curious whether the large number of people threatening boycotts of RIAA members' CD's would have enough of an effect to force the organization to rethink its stance on the issue.

Those are questions for another day, however. In the meantime, live it up. :-) The article had no real explanation as to why specifically the Appeals Court reversed the injunction, so either they simply decided the lower court judge was wrong and shot them down with little comment, or the Washington Post was anxious to be one of the first to post the story. Hopefully if it's the latter, we'll hear more details later on.

Ironically, this news will probably have the effect of decreasing Napster usage, at least from where it's been since the original injunction came down. With that in mind, go use Napster if you want... or don't. It'll be there in the morning.

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