ATI to tap both TSMC, UMC for production?

ATI Marketing Director Edward Chou told DigiTimes last week that production of ATI GPUs based on 80 nm process technology was underway at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). Now, DigiTimes quotes slightly less official "industry sources" as saying ATI will also tap TSMC rival United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) for 80 nm production. Parts from the two foundries are expected around the same time frame, with ATI indicating a September schedule for TSMC chips and DigiTimes' moles claiming UMC-built parts will appear in the "second half of 2006."

Although unverified, this report fits in quite well with previous claims of production hurdles at TSMC. Back in April, DigiTimes' sources said ATI wouldn't introduce any 80 nm parts this year because TSMC was unable to improve yields for its 80 nm process. Signing up with both TSMC and UMC would be a decent way to get around supply problems, although ATI hasn't officially said anything about diversifying its production partners.

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