Intel quietly cutting jobs

Intel is quietly letting loose more employees in its bid to become "more efficient", a report by The Inquirer says. Word got out earlier this month that Intel was planning to sell its XScale business and a number of its communications units. Now, the company's Software Solutions Group is said to be next in line:
The first set of casualties, after XScale of course, is the Software Solutions Group (SSG). We are told this group covers ISVs [Independent Software Vendors] worldwide, and those ISVs have been 'upgraded' to being covered by Marketstar, an external company, or take the self-help web route.
The Inq says SSG employees have been given a two-month deadline to either find a new job within Intel or to take a severance package. If a previous report by TG Daily is to be believed, the accumulated job cuts could result in up to 16,000 layoffs. Intel has not yet confirmed any such plans, although when quizzed by TG Daily, an Intel spokesperson reiterated intent to make the company "more nimble."
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