eMachines founder bids on Packard Bell

Packard Bell departed U.S. shores six years ago to settle in Europe, where it has enjoyed a high market share and fairly large growth. However, the now NEC-owned PC manufacturer was put up for auction earlier this year and has received a bid. The bid is from none other than Lap Shun Hui, founder of now Gateway-owned eMachines, according to a Nihon Keizai Shimbun report quoted by Forbes. It isn't clear whether the bid comes from Gateway itself, since Lap Shun Hui is its second-largest shareholder, but Forbes nonetheless says a ¥10 billion—just over $87 million—offer has been made.

About the bid, Packard Bell Europe Communications Director Hughes Gontier would only say, "French staff were told on Friday that NEC had received an offer." He added that it would be "imprecise" to say Packard Bell was losing money and that the company had a "particularly good year in 2005," suggesting a decision to sell could be due to other factors. Thanks to DailyTech for the tip.

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