Macs seep into Best Buy

As Dell readies the introduction of its own chain of retail stores, Apple is also making strides in the retail business. Yahoo News reports that Best Buy is experimenting with selling Macs in seven of its 754 U.S. retail stores. Best Buy's Merchandising Senior VP David Morrish says the retailer is "considering expanding Mac sales across the chain," as well. Apple pulled out of stores like Best Buy and Circuit City back in 1998, but with 133 Apple Stores across the U.S. today, the company appears to have acquired the taste for retail sales once again.

However, an analyst for Needham & Co. believes Apple's current retail success relies largely on employee training and expertise. The analyst says non-Apple retailers "typically have done a terrible job at selling the Mac," and he expresses doubt over whether Best Buy can provide the same level of service as Apple's own stores. Best Buy's current Mac sales experiment involves retail employees specifically trained by Apple, but Yahoo News gives no indication of whether this strategy will continue if Best Buy starts selling Macs across its entire chain.

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