Rev. F Opterons for Socket AM2 coming soon

DailyTech has put up an article examining AMD's plans for the upcoming Revision F Opteron lineup, and it has revealed a few interesting tidbits in the process. The story links to an AMD memo about upcoming Opteron 1200 chips for Socket AM2. The model numbering scheme for Rev. F Opterons is similar to the one for Socket 939/940 models, just with a "2" snuck in between the first and second digits—so Opteron 1200 chips will be direct descendents of the current Opteron 100 series, AMD's single-socket Opteron flavors. AMD transitioned the Opteron 100 line to Socket 939 last year, so it makes sense to launch the new single-socket Opteron 1200 series for Socket AM2 instead of the upcoming workstation- and server-bound Socket F.

Overclockers should be happy to hear that possible descendents of the overclocking-friendly Opteron 165 will be available for Socket AM2. That said, such chips could meet tough competition from Intel's Core 2 Duo processors, which are expected to show up roughly one week before the Socket F Opteron launch.

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