AMD's CEO drops hints on new architecture plans

A decent amount of information has already trickled out about K8L, AMD's upcoming update to the AMD64 architecture, and a number of reports suggest the first K8L chips are due out in early 2007. However, a new report by X-bit labs suggests K8L could be but a mere stopgap in AMD's plans. The report quotes an interview in which AMD CEO Hector Ruiz states the following:
"We're going to introduce a really new architecture that will work well with our partners for the best performance. We're going to start sampling it at the end of 2007 and roll it out in 2008," said Hector Ruiz, chief executive of AMD, in an interview with BusinessWeek.

"We're in the throes of finalizing the architecture we're going to introduce next, and that's going to be killer," Mr. Ruiz added.

Introducing a new architecture just one year after K8L may seem somewhat hasty, but Intel's new refresh strategy also calls for an architecture to succeed Core in 2008. Dubbed Nehalem, this architecture is expected to be built with 45 nm process technology and feature the Common Systems Interconnect, Intel's answer to HyperTransport. The original BusinessWeek interview with Hector Ruiz sheds little light on the purported post-K8L architecture beyond its 2007-2008 time frame. This scarceness of information also suggests the possibility that Ruiz was actually talking about K8L, and that BusinessWeek simply got the dates off by a year when transcribing the interview.
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