Napster's all-nighter

— 12:18 AM on July 31, 2000

There's a Wired article discussing what we all knew would happen; the huge spike in traffic on Napster and alternative file-sharing services following the injunction against Napster. According to the article, the number of unique visitors to Napter's site shot up 71% following the announcement of the injunction.

The injunction was shot down on Friday, of course, but it obviously had people nervous, as Gnutella and Scour also reported large increases in traffic. The irony here is that by attempting to shut down Napster, the RIAA probably did a lot to acquaint people with alternatives; it's now likely that if a Napster user can't find what they want on their "regular" service, they'll fire up that copy of Gnutella they downloaded last week and see if they have any better luck.

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