Intel opens 65 nm fab in Ireland

AMD kicked off a three-year overhaul of its Dresden, Germany-based fabs last month, and now it's Intel's turn to make some noise in Europe. The company has opened its newest fab in Leixlip, Ireland, where production of 300 mm wafers based on 65 nm process technology has already started. The new fab was christened Fab 24-2, and is Intel's third 65 nm fab after Arizona-based Fab 12 and the D1D facility in Oregon. Intel also boasts that the new $2 billion fab is Europe's first to produce 65 nm chips in volume; AMD's Fab 36 won't begin cranking out 65 nm processors until later this year.

In addition to announcing the new fab, Intel states that its 45 nm process technology is still on-schedule to hit production "by the end of 2007." Leaked roadmaps suggest Intel will commercially introduce its 45 nm process with a Core 2 derivative code-named Penryn. Penryn is expected to be followed one year later by Nehalem, a brand new architecture, also on the 45 nm process.

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