Intel to ensure 'sufficient' retail Core 2 supply

Anonymous sources in the channel market have told DigiTimes that Intel plans to secure "sufficient" supply of Core 2 processors for retailers come the chips' expected launch on July 23. Last month, word also got out that Intel plans to enforce identical pricing of chips across the OEM and retail channels, ditching its tradition of giving juicy rebates for large OEM orders. According to DigiTimes, Intel will extend this non-discriminatory policy to supply by giving "the same quantity of orders" to retailers and OEMs starting from July 23. Intel's apparently trying to enhance its relationship with channel players.

Despite the company's apparent good intentions, some doubt its ability to back them up. Retailers were said to suspect that Intel would continue giving discounts to big OEMs last month, and Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers quoted by DigiTimes now claim Intel may not be able to supply enough Core 2 chips altogether. The manufacturers believe the Core 2 line will make up less than 10% of Intel's overall sales, and that the firm will initially have to prioritize international vendors.

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