OCZ launches new low-latency DDR2-800 memory

AMD's Socket AM2 launch was accompanied by a plethora of announcements from memory manufacturers boasting about new DDR2-800 modules, and OCZ appears to be anything but done even one month later. The company has announced no less than two new DDR2-800 flavors that both boast low timings and buzzwords aplenty. The first newcomer—the PC2-6400 Platinum Revision 2—isn't particularly amazing, but its PC2-6400 Titanium Alpha Edition sibling makes up for that with support for impressive 3-4-3-9 timings at 800 MHz in either 1 GB sticks or 2 GB dual-channel kits. Those specs may make overclockers salivate, but OCZ was already beaten to the punch—Corsair's TWIN2X2048-6400C3 kits also claim 3-4-3-9 timings at 800 MHz, and they offer support for Enhanced Performance Profiles on top of that. Still, users without NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI-powered motherboards should be happy to find increased choice in the ultra-low latency DDR2-800 arena.
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