AMD's New York state fab is go

EE Times reports that AMD has announced plans to build a new fab in upstate New York. The announcement comes about three weeks after a Times Union report that said New York state officials were trying to lure AMD into building a $3.5 billion fab in the state's Luther Forest Technology Park with a $1 billion package of incentives made up of tax rebates and logistical improvements in the area. As it turns out, this rumor was dead on about at least two major points—AMD will indeed build its new fab in the Luther Forest Technology Park, and it will cost $3.5 billion.

AMD didn't specify why it picked the location, though, and EE Times says details of the new fab in general are "sketchy." Nonetheless, AMD CEO Hector Ruiz is said to have hinted that the fab will be built with 32 nm production in mind. No time frame for completion was made public, but Times Union reported earlier this month that construction would take two to three years to complete.

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