Is Intel also in on reverse Hyper-Threading?

Last week, a report by X-bit labs indicated that AMD was planning to enable a "reverse Hyper-Threading" feature on Athlon 64 X2 processors next month. The functionality is said to allow two CPU cores to operate as a single one, theoretically improving performance in applications not optimized for multiple threads. AMD has yet to confirm anything of the sort, but the folks over at the XtremeSystems Forums have made an interesting discovery pertaining to the Intel side of things. A new BIOS for Intel 975X motherboards seems to add a "Core Multiplexing Technology" (CMT) option, which some user-created diagrams suggest is a sort of reverse Hyper-Threading feature:

Source: XtremeSystems Forums
If Intel manages to kick off Core Mulitplexing in time for the Core 2 Duo launch and AMD follows along as rumored, July could be an interesting month indeed. Thanks to PC INpact for the tip.
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