Microsoft speeds up Windows Vista with new build

Microsoft has released Windows Vista Build 5456, a new interim build of the operating system that brings many enhancements over the public Beta 2 release that came out less than three weeks ago. Going by Paul Thurrott's quick overview of the build's new additions, Microsoft has improved performance significantly in network browsing, applications like Word 2003, and throughout the rest of the OS. Thurrott also says Build 5456 cut down install time to just 30 minutes on his machine, while Beta 2 could take up to an hour.

In addition to performance enhancements, user feedback seems to have played a part in Microsoft's work on the new build. List view was re-added to Windows Explorer, and BetaNews reports that Vista's User Account Control was tweaked to cut down on unnecessary security prompts. Unfortunately for users who grabbed the public Beta 2 release, Build 5456 isn't available to the public. Paul Thurrott says he's begging Microsoft to offer the new build via its Community Public Preview, though.

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